Saturday, November 14, 2009

heart issues

On thursday the 12th i got to experiance what medically is called a TEE .
The doctor put a small camara down my throat to check on my heart valve action.
Well on friday the 13 i got his results . Not what i hoped for . He said the valve action was sort of ok . But he cant explain the poor ejection fraction 30 percent .
So now on tuesday i get a necular stress test to see if the blood is properly feeding my heart muscle under physical work (treadmill) .
If i pass that i get to look toward a pacemaker to make heart properly contract and push the blood out. (oh joy)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

life has changes

Hello to everyone . As some of you know i had a problem with a virus that attacked my heart muscle back in 2001. Its called cardiomyopthy. and we beleave it was from a teeth cleaning proceedure where the plaque that is remove from ones teeth enters the blood stream in very small amounts .
Well this microrginisum seedled in my heart muscle and deterioted it.
Then it slowly lessened the output or ejection fraction of my heart . This caused me to walk a short distance and be out of breath.
this was treated by a number of different meds i still am taking today.
Today i went to my heart doctor and remarked that i was getting out of breath occasionally . he did a echo cartiogram on me and says my heart valves are pooly fitting and may need replace or some new meds.
So on 11-12-09 im due for a transseophageal echocardiogram (TEE)
A small ?? device is placed down my throat and they will take pictures of my heart on the back side to deturmine what needs to be done.
so for now in unlocked and forbidden to handle myself unless its to attend normal shower or toilet functions