Tuesday, December 29, 2009

in chastity

Well just got back in town and relocked for the next few weeks hope to enjoy somes special times too

Thursday, December 17, 2009

my pacemaker defibulator

Well had a doctors visit today about heart issue. His statement was im a good canidate for a pacemaker combo defibulator inplant.
While in still not having any particular real issues or problems. I get out of breath easily with serious exirtion. But i can tolerate it right now and im not so sure im ready for a little computer inside my chest.
Well the doctor said I could continue as I have with a fine tuned med regime. and he would check again next month to see if im inproving or loosing ground. I have been running on treadmill dayily and it seems to be getting a little better and a little longer each day.
Erections are nonexistant at this time and feel a bit disapointed about that but it beats pushing up flowers in the spring.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

heart problems

Well guess its one of the signs of aging i have aquired. Seems my heart out put is low. The word ejection fration seems to be the key word now.The heart output is based on nembers like 35 percent or 45 percent ejection fraction. Seems that mine is down to 25-30 percent and if i do streious activity i get winded quickly (much like sex) well also it causes less blood to flow out and erections are less sadly. Well hope to get my blood pump strenghened with changes in drugs and some physical activity.